Pete Glenane
Safety, old school values and service

Drawing on 20 years of experience, Pete Glenane has developed a well-defined, collaborative approach to construction projects. He works closely with corporate, site and safety personnel to deliver content that responds to the brief and ensures safety at all times. 

Construction documentation can provide benefits for projects of any size. The drone footage, time-lapse and still photography produced by HiVis Pictures are indispensable visual documentation that serves our clients, the community and stakeholders during and after construction.

HiVis Pictures produces photos and videos that aren’t only about the job you just did, but the jobs you want in the future. High-quality, innovative imagery is an investment.



Ben Swinnerton
Creativity and passion

Ben’s construction photos and videos provide the greatest amount of information about a jobsite in the least amount of time.

Ben’s shots interpret the interplay between new builds and the natural and constructed environment. There is no forced meaning in Ben’s work, simply the dramatic perfection you’d expect from an experienced operator with extraordinary aesthetic range.

Ben is always ready to show your projects in a new light. 

The public is always curious about what’s going on at a construction site. Even so, it’s hard for people outside the construction industry to understand what's going on. HiVis Pictures provides the material they need to see projects taking shape, and to see all that’s involved in doing them

Our Experience

Four Things
We've Learned



Good stories require
great custodians

Visual storytelling is a process that creates a sense of belonging for everyday people in a new physical space. 

That means regardless of status, age, gender or ethnicity, people seeing our work must be able to imagine themselves there. 

Building a successful project is more than bricks and mortar, it’s a journey and enterprise that you share with your community.

In establishing and maintaining community trust, we’ve learned that what you see is what you must get.



Human images create connection

The inherent good of infrastructure and building projects extends further than livability- it is also about shaping movement and thinking, energetically involving people in genuine belonging.

Excellence and achievement in the delivery of impactful works speaks to the quality and strength of the social fabric; human beings are in and of their environment and the celebration of human endeavour inspires us to even greater things.

That’s why we show more than the end result in our content. We know that people connect personally with images of other human beings and that this connection is a crucial catalyst for positive reputation for your projects.

We’ve learned that when people imagine themselves in your story, you share a powerful bond.



Never compromise on safety. Ever.

People are adventurous and curious and often look for simpler ways to solve everyday problems. This pragmatism and practicality can lead to awesome efficiency, but on worksites, a commitment to Occupational Health and Safety and Worksafe rules is non-negotiable.

We have developed new, insightful and thrilling visual storylines for years. Taking a methodical and structured approach to the work and offering a calm and reliable contribution to the worksite, we know that our presence is a privilege. 

Through sensible and honest engagement we have learned how to be part of a safety-conscious workforce.



Storylines change over time

We have learned that storylines can change over time. Political, environmental, cultural, economic and social influences can alter a narrative focus – and lead times can be almost impossibly long or impossibly short. 

With HiVis Pictures, your project’s reputation is in capable hands because we approach every new story with further advanced ability. We have learned that our desire to strive higher, make improvements, and to live up to our own professional ideals means you have access to all the right angles to position your project.

HiVis Pictures creates and maintains the contextual relevance for your project from start to finish, above and beyond.

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